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  • Tianjin Juneng High-pressure Pump Co., Ltd.

        Tianjin Juneng High-pressure Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plunger pump, which integrates scientific research, production and marketing together. Since its foundation decades ago, it has always devoted itself to the innovation in science and management, and has developed various high-pressure pump products applied to railway, construction, hydropower, transportation, coal, metallurgy, geology and mining, national defense, chemical engineering and other industries. The high pressure spiral jet grouting pump, a leading product of the company, has completely reached the international advanced level.
        In 2004, the company passed 1S09001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification. In 2005, it passed the National Safety Sign Certification on coal mine products.……  【more】


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    TEL:022-26622191    fax:022-86879897-8002    Sun Liyuan:13602112500    Zip code:300402
    mailbox:tjjn_hr@163.com/sunliyuan8888@163.com/2632208575@qq.com     Tianjin production site
    Address: Beichen District, Northeast Road days moux iron city Tianjin Tian Guang Industrial Park Road on the 20th      


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